THESIS PROJECT - Two musicians asked to collaborate resulting in a 10" vinyl record with one of a kind, hand made packaging. 


PRINT/TRACK – A collaboration between musicians and artists that can function two ways:

1) Two musicians are asked to separately create a side of a 10". An artist reacts to those works creating a work for each side.

2) An artist makes two works. Two musicians are asked to separately create a side of a 10" reacting to one of the images. 

Each 10" is a limited release in hand made packaging. 




The desire to create the project sprung from the love of music. The desire to run the project as a vinyl only limited release sprung from the way in which I saw myself consuming music. I wanted the music on my terms… in my car, on vacation, portable and always present. I was devouring entire catalogs of artists and labels. Not really “listening” to the music… I needed to disrupt the notion that ART was to conform to my busy, on-the-go lifestyle. Music deserves to be listened to and respected. For me, music has always been an object and not just files on a device. I wanted to make music physical, unique and precious again. The format of this release is a direct response to streaming and cloud based services.


The design of the project is a working love affair of mine. The labor is a way of respecting the music.  Artists have a graphic created specifically for them that is a visual representation of their music. Each album is hand crafted from scratch and takes over two hours to make. The 10" jacket and sleeve was redesigned using Acid Free, 100lb, Canson Bristol Vellum with PVA glue. The sleeve has rounded edge corners and is laser cut/etched with the credits and THESIS logo . The sleeve graphic is a combination of a contour drawing of each artist’s hand as well as the geographic location they create from. The jacket has a larger laser cut logo that reveals the musicians and track titles. The jacket graphic is the result of airbrushed elements that correlate to each of the artist’s graphic.




Founded in 2016 by Gregory Euclide 

with assistance from Gabor Kerekes.